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> Roman and Pat,
> I have made some progress toward getting my tutorial ready for release, but
> I am at a point now where I have hit a wall, and I would like to ask for
> some advice on how to proceed.
> I did do a final edit of the tutorial, format it into xhtml, and add a
> couple of pictures. I downloaded a copy of Bluefish and used it to format
> the material into an xhtml file adding the boilerplate provided in the
> tutorial template by hand. It seemed to render well in the Firefox browser.
> I did find a procedure for adding content through git web at
> https://wiki.gnome.org/Git/Developers and followed it as best as I could. I
> was able to clone the gimp-web, check out a branch, make local changes and
> commit them, but then my progress stopped. My questions are:
>  1) when I performed a 'git branch -r' several branches were listed. I
> guessed and picked HEAD as it appeared to link to origin/master. When I did
> a 'git status' and 'git commit -a' I got a warning message that “refname
> 'HEAD' is ambiguous”. Did I pick the wrong branch? Is there another
> problem, or is this warning normal?

HEAD is the generic name for the "head" of a [your] local branch... see this
for an intro into git:


what you probably want to do is:

git checkout master

to see _all_ the branches

git branch --all

>  2) The guidelines I was looking at seemed to be saying I could either use
> 'git-bz' or 'git push' to get my changes back to the main repository.

better to use the second ...

> Neither worked,

have you write rights?

> so I was wondering which technique I should focus on. Would
> rather not debug them both at this time (could use quite a bit of time,
> since I don't know what either is trying to do).
>  The error message that I go with git-bz was:
> > bash: git-bz: command not found...

if ubuntu / debian you have to:

apt-cache show git-bzr-ng

but ... are you more confident with bazar? Why you want to insist on use
such an iterface module? I do not suggest you to use such tool ... use
directly git!

>  The error message from git push –dry-run was:
> fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
>  Please make sure you have the correct access rights

that was what I was saying above...

> and the repository exists.
>  A git pull –rebase right before trying the push seemed to find the
> repository and verify that my current branch is up to date.


>  I would appreciate any pointers you could give me. I am attaching a copy
> of the transcript from my shell session. I am also attaching a copy of the
> files I was trying to add & modify in case it is relevant or you would like
> to take a look at them.

I'll look at those ...

>  In the mean time, I will start looking at git-bz in case that is the write
> way to go. It looks like there may be some setup issues, even though the
> error message make it look like it is an installation issue. The options
> for the bz command were not clear to me. The wiki page indicated the syntax
> should be:
> git-bz file product/component HEAD
> I am guessing the product should be 'gimp-web', but when I look at
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=gimp-web I see the
> component listed as both gimp-web and www.gimp.org. Do you know which it
> should be, or whether it matters? 


> When it asks for 'file' I am assuming it
> is looking for the results of the local 'commit'. In my case the feedback
> was
> [HEAD a97ce5a] Added tutorial Automate Creation fo XCF from JPG"
> Are they looking for a97ce5a as the file?

see the illuminating above tutorial... that is a header and it is just a
checksum for your branch "state"


PS: sorry I haven't followed the thread until now... I'll read all
mailing exchanges to give more useful answers ...


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