Kolbjørn Stuestøl skreiv:
> One paragraph not translated.
> The msgid starting with
> "A Voronoi's diagram consists in partitioning a plane with n master points "
> in the file "filters/artistic.po" is not translated when running make 
> xml-nn?
> All other po files are translated as far as I have found out by now.
> What error or mistake do I have to look for? To me this file looks like 
> all the others.
> The filter/artistic.po is updated from the corresponding pot file.
Found a second item not translated:
In filters/generic.po the msgid starting with:
"On a solid background, this filter can delete noise: "

They both have the image commands in common: <mediaobject><imageobject> etc.
Something to do with the stylesheets or programs not recognizing these 
commands in paragraphs?
Someone fix it?
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