Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Saturday, 16. January 2010)
>> Kolbjørn Stuestøl skreiv:
>>> One paragraph not translated.
> [...] 
>> Found a second item not translated:
>> In filters/generic.po the msgid starting with:
>> "On a solid background, this filter can delete noise: "
>> They both have the image commands in common:
>>  <mediaobject><imageobject> etc. Something to do with the
>>  stylesheets or programs not recognizing these commands in
>>  paragraphs?
> Maybe your po file is created with a different xml2po program than 
> your pot file, and this led to slightly different translations 
> (with/without <placeholder>). 
> Then you should touch the relevant src files and re-make the po files.
> HTH,
> Ulf
Yes, Ulf.
As usual you have the solution.
I have not verified all my files, but so far it looks like they are cured.
However, the placeholders are back in business again. I therefore have 
to control all my html files for correct commas etc.
I used the tools/xml2po.py  version.

Thank you!

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