Den 24.10.2010 19:33, skreiv Ulf-D. Ehlert:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Saturday, 23. October 2010)
>> In my copy of GIMP (2.6.11 for Windows) the marks came out in white.
and sometimes a mix. Some layers with white others with black marks. 
(The same foreground color).
> Same here (gimp-2.6.9.git20100427 on Linux).
> Looks like a simple bug in the documentation.
> BTW, your layout
>       <figure>
>               <title>  ...</title>
>               <inlinemediaobject>  ...</inlinemediaobject>
>               <inlinemediaobject>  ...</inlinemediaobject>
>               <inlinemediaobject>  ...</inlinemediaobject>
>               <caption>  ...</aption>
>       </figure>
> does not work; see
> I have my proposed solution attached.
> Oh, and please deliver a virtual kick in the ass of your editor's
> auto-format-xml plugin... ;-)
> Ulf
I think it is my fault anyway. The file was written in Notepad++.

I'll have to give it a look as soon as possible. It worked fine when I 
used the "make ... draft" and then validated it and then made the html 
files. I'll study your attachment.
(My internet connection is at the moment very unpredictable, therefore 
the delay between my two messages).

Thank you, Ulf


To your add on: Perhaps the priests are shining all day too, but you 
does not aware it?

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