Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Sunday, 24. October 2010)
> [...] It worked fine
> when I used the "make ... draft" and then validated it and then
> made the html files. 

That's weird. I get

        $ make validate-en
        *** Validating XML (en) ...
        -:55205: element figure: validity error : \
        Element figure content does not follow the DTD, \
        expecting (...), got (...)

Please check, it's a bug if you can validate your version without 
Making html may work even with this bug, though.

> To your add on: Perhaps the priests are shining all day too, but
> you does not aware it?

I think with "darkness" the author (philosopher and atheist) means 
their typical(?) topics, when they claim to *know* and talk with great 
eloquence about something which doesn't exist. In the daylight (of the 
"real" world) these statements are just empty.

Verdient eine Menschheit, die Trilliarden Tiere
tötet, nicht eben das, was sie dem Tier antut?
                -- Karlheinz Deschner

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