Den 25.10.2010 13:47, skreiv Ulf-D. Ehlert:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Sunday, 24. October 2010)
>> [...] It worked fine
>> when I used the "make ... draft" and then validated it and then
>> made the html files.
> That's weird. I get
>       $ make validate-en
>       ...
>       *** Validating XML (en) ...
>       -:55205: element figure: validity error : \
>       Element figure content does not follow the DTD, \
>       expecting (...), got (...)
> Please check, it's a bug if you can validate your version without
> error.
> Making html may work even with this bug, though.
> Ulf
Corrected (I hope). Used your example.

I am not keeping a journal during my work, so I do not know where or 
what caused the "no error" in validating. Most likely I validated a 
different version of the file and pushed another. I copied the sequence 
from another side, but do not remember which. Hopefully I did something 
wrong during copying. If not there must be another incorrect file 

Your new <example> tag gives the html a better look than the former 
tag(s) did.

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