Dne 20.12.2010 08:00, Julien Hardelin napsal(a):
> Le 19/12/2010 17:17, Miroslav Šulc a écrit :
>> my git repo is up to date, what is not probably up to date is po files
>> of some translations. just run this to see yourself:
> If your repo is up-to-date, go to src/toolbox. You must find the
> zoom.xml file. Open it in a text editor : you will see that there is no
> "Magnify".
there is really no Magnify in src/toolbox/zoom.xml file. it is in
src/menus/view/zoom.xml. you can try this:

$ git grep Magnify src/

src/menus/view/zoom.xml:      can also use the <link
linkend="gimp-tool-zoom">Magnify</link> tool
src/toolbox/zoom.xml:  2009-04-04 j.h: review for v2.6. Magnify -> Zoom

second is reference to changelog, so only first has to be fixed. and i
see Magnify is still there, though the linkend is already fixed.
>> git grep src/toolbox/tool-zoom.xml
> This command shows reference to tool-zoom.xml in the old changelogs that
> we no longer fill since we migrated to git from svn.
well, not only changelogs, you probably did not scroll to the end of the
output :-) on my laptop the output for a while contained only changelog
entries, but after a while occurrences in po files were added. you can
try this:

git grep src/toolbox/tool-zoom.xml po/

you should see that it is referenced in po/<lang>/toolbox.po files of
es, fi, hr, ko, lt, nl, pl, sv and zh_CN. so these are not up to date
with latest xml files.

> Julien
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