Dne 20.12.2010 16:27, Julien Hardelin napsal(a):
> Oh sorry, I understand now what you want to do with your patch. I was
> accustomed to have a #, fuzzy comment for one lettre changed.
well, i have no idea what is the rule now, but imo making extra work for
translation teams just because there was a typo in english version does
not make sense to me :-)
> I just resumed work after six monthes absence. I have lost familiarity
> with gimp-help and I had gorgotten that there are two zoom.xml :-(
> But I get now into a problem:
> When I run
> git-apply --check xxx.patch
> I get the error "Command not found".
> Trying to resolve it...
try "git apply", so instead '-' use space :-)
> Julien
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