Hello all,

Following a discussion on the main Gimp mailing list I'd like to offer my
help in improving Gimp's Documentation. My initial impetus was just to add
documentation on how to change the keyboard shortcuts to the supplied
ps-rcmenu file, but on further examination of the online manual, I think I
can be of some further use, and I'm offering my help in improving the
English version of the online manual and making it more professional and

Some background info first: I'm working as a graphic designer / generalist
3d artist in a small hi tech company, whose product contains a development
platform with some 3d content elements. It has been my job for the last few
years to create the documentation and course material that would aid our
clients in using this platform.
As a result I have extensive experience both in image editing and in tech
writing. I also participate, just for fun, in an online web board frequented
by newcomers to graphics and by answering their questions I believe I have
some insight into what a newcomer to Gimp would find useful in a help file.

I'll gladly supply some examples of my work (personally, and preferably to
to a team leader if such exists - I don't want to put company documents
online), so you can judge for yourself.

Now, where I lack knowledge is in the actual editing and content management.
I am familiar with source control in general but not with GIT and I'm not
sure about the best way to edit those xml files. But that's for later.

So, to sum things up, I'm offering my help and would like to know how I can
help(and whose incharge - that's always important).

Michael Grosberg
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