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> On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 08:19:45AM +0100, Julien Hardelin wrote:
> [...]
>>> Now, to technical matters: Working with GIT and the XML.
>>> I'm on Ubuntu 10.10, and have downloaded a copy of the GIT repository as
>>> described in the "help us" page. Now, the thing is, I'm no programmer.
>>> I'm familiar with version control - specifically Microsoft Team
>>> Foundation server (at work), but I've never really worked on code, just
>>> art resources. So I'm kinda lost when it comes to GIT. Is there a
>>> recommended front end / GUI to access it? Or do you do all your checkout
>>> and commits in the terminal? As an artist I'm much more GUI-oriented.
>> GIT is difficult. You will find good tutorials on the WEB
>> ( for instance).
>> You don't have to know all about GIT to start.
>> You easily understand that you can't push your fist files to the git
>> repository directly. You can send them to me personnally, so that I can
>> verify them.
>>> I browsed the repository and I see help pages are written in XML. Do you
>>> hand-code everything, or do you have some easier way to write pages in
>>> an editor? And is there documentation on how to write said XML or do I
>>> just read the existing pages and do my best to emulate that?
>> Yes, we write documentation with a text editor (I use Kate). For new
>> files, you will find templates in gimp-help-2/docs/templates.
> I'm sorry, it's not just a matter of xml and git.
> You have to setup a build chain with different tecnologies. The good
> thing is that Ubuntu has already all the needed packages to do it right
> out of the box; you just have to know exactly which packages you need to
> install...the bad thing is that those packages used to be listed in
> the GIMP wiki that is down (seems forever) so I have to figure out what
> you need to install...
> Then you can safely do some test thanks to the
>   make validate
> command that could test your experiments before trying to send them to
> anybody or to the main git manual repository.
> Then you can use any text editor but, a xml-docbook aware like emacs or
> jedit/eclipse could help you a lot...
Welcome, Michael.

A few additions:
I have just added a few examples to the file src/menus/layer/offset.xml 
by using another file as a template to get the inserted code correct in 
accordance with the Dockbook/stylesheet scheme. That is all I have to do 
to edit the English GIMP files.  (If I have made some mistakes in the 
coding, Ulf will hopefully correct it as usual :-)). In this case I just 
used Notepad++ as an editor.

To see the changes, use the command "make html" and the html files wil 
be generated. Takes some time.
A faster way is to use the command "make scr/menus/layer/offset.draft". 
(Of course you change the path to point on your file, replacing the 
"xml" extension with "draft").

After validating the files the rest is git stuff. Julien is the born 
helper on this. Without him I never collaborated in this project.

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