> On Sat, Feb 05, 2011 at 05:30:54PM +0200, Michael Grosberg wrote:
> > Hello all,
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> > Following a discussion on the main Gimp mailing list I'd like to offer my
> > help in improving Gimp's Documentation.
> [...]
> welcome aboard! Every help is appreciated!
> Feel free to ask.
> my 10 cent: use Linux as the manual dev platform!
> Okay, let's begin with the questions: I have many.

First of all, how do things work in this project, in terms of process,
decision-making, etc? My aim is to make the documentation better by changing
things such as "how to be a gimp wizard" and other miscellaneous strange
terms in the documentation, and make it easier for a user to find what they
are looking for (wizardry, I suspect, is not among them).
But obviously not all changes are well received by everyone, so what I most
need to know, is who has the power to accept or reject changes? How do you
review / discuss changes? Is the manual in other languages 100% identical to
the English one and how does that affect my ability to change the English

I think until I figure that out I'll restrict myself to learning the system,
and cut my teeth on some low-hanging fruit such as finding instances of "The
Gimp" and replacing them with "Gimp".

Now, to technical matters: Working with GIT and the XML.

I'm on Ubuntu 10.10, and have downloaded a copy of the GIT repository as
described in the "help us" page. Now, the thing is, I'm no programmer. I'm
familiar with version control - specifically Microsoft Team Foundation
server (at work), but I've never really worked on code, just art resources.
So I'm kinda lost when it comes to GIT. Is there a recommended front end /
GUI to access it? Or do you do all your checkout and commits in the
terminal? As an artist I'm much more GUI-oriented.

I browsed the repository and I see help pages are written in XML. Do you
hand-code everything, or do you have some easier way to write pages in an
editor? And is there documentation on how to write said XML or do I just
read the existing pages and do my best to emulate that?

That's all for now, if you have anything specific you need done that would
also be good.

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