2011/3/26 Ulf-D. Ehlert <ud...@web.de>

> I wonder if we won't get a copyright problem if the images are
> replaced... And even if not, shouldn't we show respect for the
> original author?

Obviously not - the entire thing is under the GNU Free documentation
License. The original images were taken from Astronomy picture of the Day,
and checking the "About" page, I see they were not released under any kind
of free license; some of them may be copyrighted. If anything, replacing the
images will make the doc more free. As for my own pictures, I figure if I
add them to the documentation they fall under the GNU FDL.
Anther reason for taking the time to replace all of them was that I wanted
all the screenshots to have a similar theme (clearlooks, which I believe is
the Gnome 2.x default) and I had to replace at least some because the
interface has changed.

As for respect, I have all respect to Carol Spears who invested her time and
effort to write the original tutorials, and I kept the credit in the
introduction. But while it is natural for tutorials on personal website to
maintain a casual tone and have tangential interests such as astronomy
feature in the tutorials, I believe official documentation should be more
professional. These are, after all, quick tutorials for those who don't want
to read the entire manual to get some small task done; I tried to make it as
short and to the point as possible.
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