On 2015-11-02 08:23, Joseph Bupe wrote:
The curve-bend plugin is quiet versatile for image manipulation, e.g.
when placing labels on a curved surface, and the Free curve type
option to make some drooping effects on images etc.

My request is that we have this plugin as an on-canvas tool, with
options for bending the top, lower, left, right and inner parts of an

I am aware of a similar tool in photoshop called "warp tool".

We already have a "warp transform tool" in GIMP 2.9. Have you tried it? Is it what you are refering about? It is an on-canvas tool, and works pretty well. It does a lot more than just bending corners. It is basically more like a brush which "warps" pixels in the direction you stroke (instead of drawing anything).

Probably you should have a look at the development version.



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