Often you see people say that the GIMP is too complicated and they are
looking for a simpler alternative.

I think it would be a useful feature to have a tick box in the preferences
that says "Simple Menus" and it hid all but the basic commands from the
Menu Bar.
To be completely flexible (as you will invariably have people who don't
want everything but want more than the basic) you could have a "Custom
Menu" option that allowed you to pick and choose the items in the Menu

What do you think?

I decided to try to see if I could attempt this with xml config by
modifying share/gimp/2.0/menus/image-menu.xml

The original menus are still available if you right-click on the editor so
functionality is not completely lost.

For instance, the edit section in the file now has
    <menu action="edit-menu" name="Edit">
      <placeholder name="Undo">
        <menuitem action="edit-undo"/>
        <menuitem action="edit-redo"/>
      <placeholder name="Cut">
        <menuitem action="edit-cut"/>
      <placeholder name="Copy">
        <menuitem action="edit-copy"/>
      <placeholder name="Paste">
        <menuitem action="edit-paste"/>
      <menu action="edit-paste-as-menu" name="Paste as">
        <menuitem action="edit-paste-as-new-short"/>
        <menuitem action="edit-paste-as-new-layer"/>
      <placeholder name="Clear">
        <menuitem action="edit-clear"/>
      <placeholder name="Fill">
        <menuitem action="edit-fill-fg"/>
        <menuitem action="edit-fill-bg"/>
      <placeholder name="Preferences">
        <menuitem action="dialogs-preferences"/>
        <menuitem action="dialogs-keyboard-shortcuts"/>

This gives
    Paste as -
                   New Image
                   New Layer
                   New Brush
                   New Pattern
    Fill with BG Color
    Fill with FG Color
    Keyboard shortcuts

Units (http://docs.gimp.org/2.8/en/plug-in-unit-editor.html) is not
mentioned in the xml file. How can I remove it from the menus?

The Paste as sub-menu has only 2 items in the xml but 4 items in the edit
menu. Why is that?

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