>> I'm not sure how many themes and how many sets of icons are "too
>> many". But given the following:
>> * many differently-sized devices are used for editing images
>> * the wide disparity in user personal preferences
>> * issues with eyesight and/or hand-eye coordination that might lead a
>> user to prefer the wider icon spacing and/or color icons
>5 is my limit since i have to maintain them and test them on all variant
>OSes :) Its hard to make it work across everything and time consuming to
>keep it up. So far i've tested them on OSX (Maverick only so far),
>Windows (8.1 so far), Linux (KDE, Unity, Wine under Unity) to make sure
>they felt the same across the board. There's only so much that can be
>tweaked to keep that true.

>> it might be nice to include two sizes for icons - the original size
>> and the smaller size, and also keep the original color icons in both
>> sizes.
>I think there are plans to switch eventually to svg icons which would
>render the point moot.

And how do your themes look on high resolution displays? Given that there is 
increasing demand for larger icons I think you have to consider that you may 
have many more variants to support.


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