Elle writes:
> >On my system the "light side of GIMP" theme and the current default
> >GIMP theme are very close in tonality, with the "light side of GIMP
> >theme being a tad lighter. Here's a screenshot showing the two themes
> >side by side:
> >http://ninedegreesbelow.com/bug-reports/gimp29/light-side-vs-default-small.jpg
[ ... ]
> >1. The "light side of GIMP" theme has a lot of darker tones in things
> >like sliders, boxes for choosing parameters, the menu bar, and really
> >just about everywhere. This makes for too little contrast between the
> >sliders, boxes, etc and any contained text. It seems to me that a
> >lighter shade of gray would make the text stand out better.

I should clarify that my comment about both light themes being too
dark and lacking contrast referred to the darker #bdbdbd color that
Elle mentions here, not the base #eeeeee color. The darker color
predominates in the screenshots, including in areas where there's a
lot of text to read. Black against #bdbdbd is a lot less contrasty
and harder to read than what I currently see in GIMP 2.9 and earlier.

Jehan writes:
> I agree. Also do we want the theme to get rid of colors? If I were to
> decide, I'd say no. For sliders for instance, I quite prefer this blue|white
> colors to the white|grey proposed.

I don't have strong feelings about the current blue/white sliders
vs. the grey/white ones in the "lighter side" theme, though I find
the 3D highlights in the "alternate light" sliders prettier and more
professional looking than the flat ones (just a personal prejudice,
I'll be fine using whatever GIMP ends up with).

However, I'd be sorry to see the colors in the Toolbox icons go. I
have a very hard time telling many of the icons apart already, even
with color cues, and without color it'll be a lot harder. I know
there are people who don't want color icons distracting them, but
I don't think I'll be able to use these monochrome Toolbox icons,
and that will probably drive me to a custom theme, and might drive
some users away from GIMP if it's not easy to find alternate themes.


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