On 01/01/2016 12:14 PM, Ben wrote:

Elle, Jehan, i've updated the themes to add the separators, fixed some
more KDE issues, reduced the focus padding on buttons as an expedient to
making the them smaller without having to redo anything (and changed
some of the pngs to harmonize all the themes), commented out the font
settings so people can choose as they wish to have or not, added version
numbers to the files so i can keep track of what people are using,
started a repo so i can track changes locally available here
https://github.com/Draekko-RAND/gimp-themes (which is where i'll keep
the screenshots from now on).

Ben, thank you! I tried modifying just the colors for some of the items in the "Lighter side of GIMP" theme. It's not as easy as I thought it would be!

I've been using the (original) "Lighter side" theme and find that in use I actually like the wider icon spacing for the monotone icons. For color icons, the closer spacing is compensated for by the color differentiation, but not so much for the monotone icons. And at least to me the wider spacing for the monotone icons seems more attractive to look at.

The new separators are very helpful. Even though I know where the toolbox dividers are, without the separators often it was difficult to find the place to resize the panels (something I do fairly often, depending on what I'm working on).

Your themes make GIMP look very nice, very professional. It seems to me that the monotone icons are a pretty important part of that look. For this same reason personally I'd prefer that sliders in the monotone themese also be monontone - it just plain looks nice, and aesthetics do count.

I'm not sure how many themes and how many sets of icons are "too many". But given the following:

* many differently-sized devices are used for editing images
* the wide disparity in user personal preferences
* issues with eyesight and/or hand-eye coordination that might lead a user to prefer the wider icon spacing and/or color icons

it might be nice to include two sizes for icons - the original size and the smaller size, and also keep the original color icons in both sizes.


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