Hi all,

On 2016-02-15 20:44, Aurore D. wrote:
I'd like to suggest the change of the blend tool icon, back to the
"original" icon: a simple square with a gradient in it.
The kitchen blender is not a very good visual metaphor (to quote Akk
on irc "That's not what the tool does, anyway -- it doesn't blend all
the colors in the image into a single uniform color like a blender
would." ) and doesn't translate well.

About the eraser icon, in the Color theme there's a mysterious grey
dot on it, zooming on the svg file I saw it was a little design on top
of the eraser. It's a nice detail but in a small icon it's more
confusing than anything. A plain eraser would probably be better.

Adding a comment from Pippin on IRC, since I think he will never post himself:

20:48 < pippin> with a very critical hat,. blend, warp and perspective .. are the tools I find hardest to discern at the moment

Actually I liked the old warp tool icon. Not sure why we changed the design. As for perspective, it's true that the wireframe box is not obvious immediately, even though it makes some sense.

Anyway ideally if people have alternative ideas for icons which you find hard to guess, you are welcome.



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