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> On 2016-03-05 19:40, Americo Gobbo wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have noted that the Legacy and Color icon themes have different
>> measures between them.
> Do you mean different sizes? If so, that should not be for the time being,
> though we are pondering changing some sizes (like 22px tool icons which is
> a strange in-between of commoner 20px or 24px). But right now, they are
> same.
> Do you have specific examples of icons which would be in different sizes?
> Or if that was not what you meant, I don't understand what "measures" you
> tell about.

Sorry ;-) the sizes.

> Color is more great than Legacy, this is normal.
> I guess that's a matter of taste. I like the new Color icon colors too.
> But maybe they could be considered a little too vivid by some people, I
> guess. I have been wondering.
> Anyway now there will be for all tastes.

https://goo.gl/6hO165 > Color icon theme
https://goo.gl/Tp1h5P > Legacy icon theme

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