On Fri, 18 Nov 2011 17:43:41 -0800, Mark Potts wrote:

> I was very unimpressed by this software package. I needed some image 
> editing capabilities under Windows and this seemed like a good choice. 
> However when I installed the package it spewed files into various 
> misplaced folders.

Really? Which folders are these? The (semi-official) installer can only
place the installed files in the chosen installation directory (which
defaults to C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0 in GIMP 2.6), and the icon in Start
Menu. On the first run, GIMP will create it's profile in the home directory
(which isn't ideal, since those files should go to Application Data, but
there's nobody around to fix it), but other than that GIMP won't touch
anywhere else unless you explicitly tell it to.

> I subsequently uninstalled only to find that despite 
> claiming success at this it left numerous files on my system. Even 
> though it is free sofctware there is still no excuse for this kind of 
> sloppy coding.

If you're using the latest stable version (2.6.11 as of this writing), the
uninstaller will remove everything that can be removed (some older versions
had a bug that could leave 1 or 2 small files behind, but this was fixed
long ago). User-specific settings cannot be safely removed on any version
of Windows, and as such are left behind (it's the same with other programs,
except you usually don't notice that, since they store their stuff in the
hidden Application Data directory).

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