Mario Valle <> writes:

> Like Berlusconi's claims: a lot of words without substance or proof.
> Which misplaced folder?
> Which "numerous files"?
> BTW, the files under .gimp-2.6 are here and remain here for a very
> good reason.

To make that more clear: The .gimp-2.6 folder keeps per-user settings.
When you uninstall the program, you only uninstall the program files,
not your personal settings folder, which might include brushes,
patterns, scripts, etc. It would be _very_ bad form to remove this when
uninstalling GIMP.

Would you prefer that it "uninstalled" the images you created in GIMP
as well?

> On 19-Nov-11 02:43, Mark Potts wrote:
>> I was very unimpressed by this software package. I needed some image
>> editing capabilities under Windows and this seemed like a good choice.
>> However when I installed the package it spewed files into various
>> misplaced folders. I subsequently uninstalled only to find that
>> despite claiming success at this it left numerous files on my system.
>> Even though it is free sofctware there is still no excuse for this
>> kind of sloppy coding.
>> Mark

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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