I was recently working on a big project of mine using GIMP. I had spent 5 hours 
straight working on it, saving it every 5 minutes, and then GIMP crashed and 
lost everything but a few layers. This was not a saving issue because the 
layers that stayed were made at completely different times. I lost pretty much 
all my work and I am furious. I don't have time to do it all over again. I'm 
pretty sure there is no way of bringing it back. GIMP is a wonderful drawing 
program and I use it all the time, but this was just too overboard for me. It 
crashes almost everytime I use it but all those other times, everything was 
saved alright and everything was fine. This time one of my best drawings was 
lost and there is no way of bringing it back (trust me, I've tried everything). 
I am letting you know because I don't want this to happen to anyone else and 
(even though I am certain nothing can fix it) is there anyway to bring my 
drawing back? I put my best work into it
 and it makes me furious that its gone. Please, if anyone knows how to bring it 
back, please help me. This drawing meant a lot to me. 
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