Destiny Bottino <> writes:

> Hello,
> I was recently working on a big project of mine using GIMP. I had spent 5 
> hours straight
> working on it, saving it every 5 minutes, and then GIMP crashed and lost 
> everything but
> a few layers. This was not a saving issue because the layers that stayed were 
> made at
> completely different times. I lost pretty much all my work and I am furious. 
> I don't
> have time to do it all over again. I'm pretty sure there is no way of 
> bringing it back.
> GIMP is a wonderful drawing program and I use it all the time, but this was 
> just too
> overboard for me. It crashes almost everytime I use it but all those other 
> times,
> everything was saved alright and everything was fine. This time one of my 
> best drawings
> was lost and there is no way of bringing it back (trust me, I've tried 
> everything). I am
> letting you know because I don't want this to happen to anyone else and (even 
> though I
> am certain nothing can fix it) is there anyway to bring my drawing back? I 
> put my best
> work into it and it makes me furious that its gone. Please, if anyone knows 
> how to bring
> it back, please help me. This drawing meant a lot to me.

You might want to upload the xcf somewhere if you want people to help
with trying to get it back.

Howver, being able to keep a few layers (as opposed to completely losing
the whole file) does sound very odd (your harddrive isn't making strange
ticking noises, is it?).

In any case, if you're getting a lot of crashes, do ensure you're
running the newest version (click Help→About, should say 2.6.11). You
might also want to invest in some more RAM (I've got 3GB, haven't had a
GIMP crash in over a year).

best regards,

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