On 03/02/2012 07:08 AM, Keith Purtell wrote:
I've read the official tutorial several times and yet the directions aren't working for me. I pasted in a layer which shows up fine in the layers box. The active layer is the one I pasted in. The Move tool is set to "Move the active layer." I've tried using the Move tool by both dragging and clicking and dragging. In either case, the new layer doesn't move, only the outline (marching ants). I've got a huge project to complete today and can't spend an hour just trying to get GIMP to move a layer. Tips?
The newly pasted layer must be anchored before it can be moved. Your layers menu likely shows the words Floating Selection ("pasted Layer") If so, then the layer must be be anchored first. Under the layer menu, select "Anchor Layer"

  - Burnie

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