Burnie West <w...@ieee.org> writes:

> On 03/02/2012 07:08 AM, Keith Purtell wrote:
>> I've read the official tutorial several times and yet the directions
>> aren't working for me. I pasted in a layer which shows up fine in
>> the layers box. The active layer is the one I pasted in. The Move
>> tool is set to "Move the active layer." I've tried using the Move
>> tool by both dragging and clicking and dragging. In either case, the
>> new layer doesn't move, only the outline (marching ants). I've got a
>> huge project to complete today and can't spend an hour just trying
>> to get GIMP to move a layer. Tips?
>> Keith
> The newly pasted layer must be anchored before it can be moved. Your
> layers menu likely shows the words Floating Selection ("pasted Layer")
> If so, then the layer must be be anchored first. Under the layer menu,
> select "Anchor Layer"

Not on my GIMP … I move around floating layers all the time. I'm pretty
sure «Select → None» is the solution.


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