>On 03/08/2012 03:37 PM, andrew.alangdondavies.es wrote:
>>> Just to be sure it was not my pc I opened several jpeg/jpg files
>>> in other applications without any problems! None of them will
>>> open in GIMP! So I think the problems lies in this application.

>Right you are - or, more to the point, the problem lies with the
>GIMP installation on your local system.  Others may have more
>relevant ideas, but here's mine: 

>First, does your GIMP installation open other file formats normally
>(BMP, PNG, etc)?  If so, the problem may lie with a file called
>gimp-jpeg (or maybe gimp-jpg.exe), which may be missing, corrupted,
>or prevented from running by an error in file permissions.  If not,
>the problem is larger. 

>Either way, I would:

>1.  Uninstall the GIMP.

>2.  Do a global file and directory search for the word gimp, and
>delete all directories found - unless some have your own files in
>them of course!

>3. Download a new copy of the installer at
>http://www.gimp.org/windows/ and install it.

>Note:  Since you did not specify your operating system, I will
>assume that it was made by Microsoft.  If your normal user account
>on your local computer is an Administrator account, this is a Very
>Bad Thing and should be corrected.  But just to make certain that
>the OS is not denying your user account access to some files or
>directories during installation or operation of the GIMP, you might
>want to be sure that your user account IS an Administrator account
>just for the duration of the installation process.  If the GIMP
>works then, it should still work after you convert your user account
>(back) to Restricted because your user account will still "own" the
>files created under its reign.

>I am not a dev or maintainer, your mileage may vary, I didn't do it
>(nobody saw me, you can't prove anything).  But at worst, you will
>be no worse off for trying the procedure above and it just might work.



Thank you Steve. I will give your sugestions a try.

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