>On 12-03-08 03:37 PM, andrew.alangdondavies.es wrote:
>>> Just to be sure it was
>>> not my pc I opened several jpeg/jpg files in other applications without
>>> any problems! None of them will open in GIMP! So I think the problems lies
>>> in this application.
>> Since I can open jpg files in Gimp OK the problem is obviously not this
>> application.

>Are you able to open the jpg files that GIMP won't open in another program 
>or on another machine? Did you create the jpg files that won't open? If you 
>are in Linux you can use the "file" command to determine the type of file 
>and if they are really jpg format image files or not. Is it possible you 
>saved images you were created to disk (they got saved in XCF format) but you 
>named them .jpg?

Andrew. The first paragraph states that I can open these files in other 
applications. MS WinXP SP3 as stated i nprevious questions. Yes they are jpg 
files from my cameras.

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