Keith Purtell wrote:
I suppose the reason I didn't go the preview route is that I'm a bit
annoyed that GIMP doesn't remember that I've changed that setting to 75
every single time I've made a JPG. Now that you suggest it, I could run
a test and see if GIMP's apparent 85 default really does/doesn't make a
significant difference in file size compared to the number I prefer. If
the two yield similar results, I can just accept the fact that GIMP
won't adapt to a user's work pattern (grrrr, don't like that idea) and
let it save all JPG files at 85.

On GIMP 2.6.10 on Windows, I see two buttons near the bottom of the dialogue where the JPEG quality is set - "Load Defaults" and "Save Defaults". If I set the quality to 75% and click "Save Defaults", that comes up as the default next time I go to save a new JPEG. If working on an existing file, the dialogue initially shows the settings used when that file was last saved, but clicking "Load Defaults" quickly restores the saved default settings (75%). Those buttons presumably save and restore the "Advanced Options" as well, but I haven't looked in that much detail.


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