Hi, please forgive my complete lack of computer knowledge. I'll try to be as 
detailed as possible.

I have an Intuos3 tablet and until recently I have not had problems using it in 
GIMP. I have a Macbook, running Snow Leopard with the latest software updates. 
At one point I accidentally uninstalled X11 so I redownloaded it. That was all 
several months ago. 

Just today (4/2/2012) when I opened Gimp, X11 said it had an update to install. 
I installed it and restarted the computer. When I reopened GIMP, it didn't 
recognize my tablet. I immediately went to the Input Devices section and tried 
to configure extended input devices. Nothing seemed unusual or different from 
the first time I'd configured my tablet, but it still didn't work. I don't 
understand how the different input devices are labeled, but here are the ones 
that pop up when I press the "Configure Extended Input Devices" button: Virtual 
core XTEST pointer, xquartz virtual pointer, pen, cursor, and eraser. All of 
them were automatically set to "Disabled" when I opened the program: I changed 
all of them to "window" and then to "screen", but it still didn't recognize the 

None of my other programs are having trouble recognizing the tablet. After I 
started having trouble, I downloaded the most recent tablet driver and 
restarted my computer. Nothing seems to be helping. 

I do not have much knowledge about coding or programing or the nitty-gritty of 
bug fixes, so if you can help, please speak in very simply terms. :( Thank you 
so much in advance!

Suzume (via gimpusers.com)
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