I am having a problem as a newbie gimp user.

i installed the dds plugin so that i can open fsx.dds files directly from gimp 
instead of having to go through a third party application such as dxtBmp.

Trouble is, i am having tranparency issues with some of the files that are in 
the dds dxt5 format. they show up as if the transparency on the main layer is 
set to 50%...and i cant seem to change it as the transparency slider is already 
at 100%.

If i open some different fsx images that are in the dds dxt1 format i dont have 
any problems.

Also, the dds dxt5 format images are opening perfectly in the dxtBmp editing 

does anyone have any ideas?

btw, how in gods name am i supposed to send a link for an image file? what is 
it linking to??

adamjedgar (via gimpusers.com)
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