The thing is, in what format does the company ask for you to contribute
your work in? I know Photoshop used to have the ability to export to vectors
even a long time ago, and certainly Illustrator I am assuming is still a part of
Adobe CS, but if you can use vectors you can start or work with a bitmap or
photo etc, and edit in gimp, however you begin the images, then
convert to vector.

I did a search for "Exporting from Gimp to vectors" and it came up with some
pretty interesting stuff, especially the svg stuff.


On 4/25/12, Daniel Smith <> wrote:
> Well, I got it to work, at least theoretically.
> I think it's in the same way that you would create a large image in
> Photoshop, but to test it I opened an image that I already had that was
> 72 d[i and about 35 inches wide, an old pic of my cat.
> With Image>Scale Image I bumped up the resolution, then with
> Image>Canvas Size I bumped up the size, in this case to 58X72 inches.
> The thing is to play with the "chain link" icons in these boxes, if you try
> to change the resolution then all it will do is inverse the size if you
> don't
> unlink them. (Of course, I'd like to hear from any of the experts on this
> list.
> I'm just a graphics hack.
> By the way, have you ever made an image this large before? Even at 58X72
> at 1400 dpi with color that's going to be a monstrous file. My machine went
> for
> minutes and hadn't finished resizing it so I exited. Of course on this
> Mac I only have
> one gig of ram at present, but I don't know if any computer could
> handle an 80 yard
> file, Photoshop or Gimp. You'd better have a lot of cpu, ram, and
> extra hd space,
> swap file space.
> Do you have any links or examples of fabric you've created? I've always
> been
> interested in that.
> Waiting for real the advice...
> Dan
> On 4/24/12, Tara Gover <> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>>  I am printing super high res images onto fabric. My print guy has
>> instructed me to create my images in 1440 dpi and my fabric is 58 inches
>> wide and about 80 yards long. I need to create ONE image so they can just
>> print it continuously along the whoe piece of fabric. So I need to create
>> a
>> REALLY BIG image. They have recommended Adobe Creative Suite, but of
>> course
>> I want to do it with GIMP.
>>  Just today, I installed the latest GIMP, and it doesn't seem to be
>> letting
>> me create even a 58x72 inch image in 1440 dpi. Is there an add on or a
>> way
>> that I can create huge tiff files in GIMP?.....or do I have to shell out
>> the
>> cash and get Creative Suite?
>>  Thanks!
>>  Tara
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