"Candy" <cjhe...@msn.com> writes:

> I tried to get into the IRC to ask this question but I kept getting a 404 
> message.  My
> question is....is "filling with transparent" the same as "tinting"?  
> (explanation: In
> the image editor that Photobucket used to have I could change the color of 
> something in
> a picture without losing the original shading, etc.  They no longer have that 
> image
> editor so I am looking for an Open Source program that is easy to use and has 
> that
> feature.).

If I understand correctly, you can achieve this by creating a new layer,
filling with a color, and turning down the layer opacity. If you
selected something on the original layer, the same selection is
available when you're filling into the new layer (and the original will
stay unchanged).

You may find


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