Am 30.06.2012 23:06, schrieb Francesco Scaglioni:
I seem to be in a minority opinion on this list. For my workflow the new behaviour is great. Raw to 
GIMP, work on image for a bit, saves as xcf, come back another time, do more work on xcf and when 
finally happy export to jpeg. If I wanted bulk raw to jpeg then I would simply do all adjustments 
necessary in either rawstudio or darktable. For those "special" images a default 
"save to xcf" suits me absolutely fine.

The question is whether your opinion is targeted at the same scenario.

Of course, if you come from RAW or XCF, then everything is fine, as you are only "forced" to stay(!) in XCF (which is the format you want in this scenario).

But, the scenario I am talking about is coming from JPEG, manipulating the image in a single GIMP session and finally saving it to JPEG again. If you are in this workflow, then getting forced to change the image format to XCF is annoying. There could at least be an option to diable this smart-alecky behaviour.

Besides, if you have just exported(!) the JPEG to a JPEG file in GIMP 2.8.0, you cannot directly close the image file afterwards. Instead, you get an (annoying) dialogue asking to save the image as a XCF.

And another one (according to the first topic of my first posting): Pasting a fully qualified file name into the "search" text field does not work reliably if the MS Windows indexing service is not enabled. This leads to an error message... That's not cool, is it?


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