On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 7:40 PM, drankinatty wrote:

>   The logical solution here is simple. Simply meet the needs of both those 
> who like the old style dialogs and those that like the new by providing the 
> _option_ to select which type dialog behavior to use. The code for each is 
> already there, just make the behavior user selectable in the "Edit -> 
> Preferences -> Interface" dialog. (or where ever you see fit) a simple check 
> box labeled as follows would suffice:
> [  ]  Use Gimp 2.6 File open/save Dialogs
>   There is no reason that cannot be done in Gimp-2.8.1. Problem solved.


I'm sorry you had to write all of that for such a short answer, but if
you took time to study the history of criticism, you'd know that this
is not going to happen, and why.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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