>>Suppose we have a standard QR code composed of hundreds of squares and 
>>their hundreds of square corners. (e.g., 

>>How can I get Gimp to round all of the internal and external square 
>>corners - let's say to a 10 pixel radius?

>>Thank you.

Oh, just to add to this... I realized that the result was outside corners were 
rounded but inside corners were not.  So instead of "shrink x5, grow x5" do a 
"shrink x5, grow x10, shrink x5" to get better results.  Continue as before 
with everything else.

You will not that by creating a path from selection and then a selection from 
path, you will get a smoother corner.  Otherwise I get a blocky corner.  There 
may be some other manipulations to the path which could result better as well.

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