Thanks, both Rob and Kevin! Exactly what I was looking for. I was wondering where the documentation for all the functions were. Looks like Help->Plug-in browser was what I was looking for.

In GIMP, when I click Filters->Generic->Dilate, the function is just performed without it asking for any parameters. How do I find out what the values are of the parameters, when using this filter from GIMP?


On 08/22/2012 08:29 AM, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:
"Rune K. Svendsen" <> writes:

Hi list

I'm learning how to write script-fu scripts. I've managed to resize an
image, but I would like to use a filter from within the script-fu
script, applying it to the image after it's been resized. More
specifically, I'd like to run the Filters->Generic->Dilate filter on
the image, before saving it. I've searched on Google for how to do
this, but I can't find any references to using filters from within a
script. Can anyone help me on this?
Click Help, then either Plug-in browser or Procedure browser (not sure
why there are two), type "dilate". You'll see the name of the main entry
function, "plug-in-dilate", in bold, followed by the help string, list
of parameters it takes, their types and possible values.

Often it's helpful to look at the source of that function, in case you
only want do part of what it does. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to
be a one-click method to go straight to the source of non-compiled
functions (hint hint, developers). Typing
"locate dilate|grep -v '/help/'"
into my command line gave me nothing, so perhaps it's written in C
or something.

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