On 09/12/2012 12:30 PM, Ryan Stark wrote:
I see lots of complaints about the Gimp save and export. I've been
using Gimp for ages with this feature. It is entirely logical and I
don't understand the complaining.

In a DAW (digital audio workstation application) you save the whole
project as a session. You export the final file as mixdown in MP3 or
whatever other format and you can import audio files into the project.
It's similar logic in Gimp and makes total sense. Lots of apps work
with this kind of method even when not as crucial as it is with DAW

A "DAW" with no name.... "Lots of apps..." Which apps ?
Most software, digikam, phot$p, firefox, avidemux, libreoffice, doesnt work like gimp but with standard way.


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