On Sat, 2012-09-15 at 11:00 -0700, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Ofnuts writes:
> > If you forgot to export as JPG but saved the image as XCF, then you
> > can reopen Gimp and produce your JPG. Trouble, yes, data loss, no.
> Seriously? You save an XCF copy of every JPG you crop or rescale?
> For about 8x-20x (depending on size and compression) the disk space?
> I doubt many people would want to do that.
> Though, curiously, even that doesn't get around the warning problem.
> I just tried this in 2.8.2, so I could compare disk usage:
> 1. Open origfilename.jpg
> 2. Crop and Scale to 640 x whatever pixels
> 3. Save as: filename.xcf
> 4. Save as or Save a Copy (tried it both ways): filename.xcf.gz
> 5. Export to (or ctrl-E, since sometimes it appears in the File menu and
>    sometimes it doesn't, but ctrl-E always seems to work): filename.jpg
> 6. Quit
> The image is marked clean after step 3, but after step 5, the image
> gets mysteriously marked dirty. So even though I've saved two xcf
> copies (they ranged from 7.5x to 20x the size of the JPG I was
> actually after), I still get an unsaved image warning.
> Why does exporting an image mark it dirty even if it's been saved as XCF?
> I guess I'm more confused about this intended workflow than I realized.

Perhaps consider the possibility that something is broken?


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