>Maybe I'll seem a bit stupid as I'm not sure whether I got it right,
>but as far as I understand, the advice was to copy the images to your
>hard drive instead of trying to process them right on the card (or in
>your camera). Just create a folder and copy via right-click menu, or
>select the files and hit Ctrl+C (this is a global hot-key for
>copying), change to the folder on your HDD where you want the files
>and hit Ctrl+V, or open two explorer windows next to each other and
>drag-n-drop. Try to open the files and see if the problem is still
>If this really fixes the problem, then it might be a good idea to try
>and replace the card -- it can be faulty.
>Hope that this will help and sorry if I told some obvious things.
>Good luck!
>On 30 ноября 2012 09:05:16 Ebizjoey wrote:
Thanks Boris,
that is what I needed some detail on how to do that, I would make fun of myself
with old age jokes but
will get busy instead haha, thank you very much both of you! BTW, I did
understand your instructions and it worked.

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