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> Still defeated by the humble "PrtScn" key ;)
There's actually a way round that too, although you still can't stop
someone from getting out a camera and photographing the computer
monitor :-)

However, the way to defeat print screen is complex and operating system
and video driver-specific - it involves using video.

These days I'd suggest to people,
(1) have your URL on the images
(2) occasionally do google image searches for your images --
    go to google.com, click on Images, click on the camera icon in the
search bar, upload one of your images (or give the URL), and google will
report on other copies of that image on the Web, and on "similar
images", e.g. if someone deleted the URL from the corner.

This is what I've taken to doing with http://www.fromoldbooks.org/ when
I got fed up of people taking the images (even the ones still in
copyright) and re-selling them on other sites.


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