Thank you to all who have responded with constructive ideas and comments.
The reason for my original question was that I want to advertise some scanned 
in behind-the-scenes colour slides that my dad took while he was filming the 
speed boat chase sequences from Live and Let Die in 1972. I obviously did not 
want these freely copied and circulated uncontrolled.
Based on all your feedback so far, it appears the answer to the original 
question is no, it is not possible. Even with using HTML code or using 
no-right-click techniques, these can be overcome by someone determined enough.
I have therefore decided to upload very low resolution versions of my hi res 
scans, and also include a watermark across them.
I will keep monitoring future replies and respond if required. I'm now off to 
explore more GIMP features .........
Thanks again.
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> The only way is to add your name ond some text to avoid copying.. or make the
> resulution small that nobody bother to copy them.. :).  Anyway - don't put out
> any photos on the internet ..that you are afraid of being copied...
> BTW Feel free to share mine :D
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