Hey folks,

I put it off for a while but I'm finally using GIMP 2.8.  So far so
good, but here's a question for the group:  Is it just me, or has
the brush editor's behavior changed radically?

In 2.6, I kept the brush editor open in a dock and used it to tweak
the current brush on demand.  That, plus mapping Alt-scroll to
resize the active brush on demand, usually works better for me than
frequently switching brushes.

In GIMP 2.8 I can create a new brush, turn on the paintbrush tool,
go to the brush editor dialog and...  adjusting the brush does
nothing.  I am still exploring what it doesn't do, but the most
immediately obvious things are that changing the radius and hardness
of the active brush in the brush editor does not change the radius
and hardness of the active brush on the canvas.

I am not sure, but it also appears that trying to do this might be
causing the paintbrush tool to do strange things, i.e. changing the
brush dynamics mode for no apparent reason.  I kind of suspect that
this one is "just me", i.e. accidentally hitting the wrong keys.

I hope I am overlooking something simple.  Otherwise I will have to
document this stuff in detail and submit a bug report and/or feature

So... has anyone else seen anything similar?



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