Hi everyone. 

I have just uploaded Gimp2 onto my computer after having a massive crash a few
weeks ago. I had Photoshop CS4 on it previously, but I no longer have a useable
software disk for it and in all honesty I cannot justify the cost of getting it
again for what I do. So my question for now will be straightforward.

My first impression of Gimp was that it was a little awkward, but I'm getting
used to it now. The main thing I use this type of software for is making
signatures for my forum. Like this one


When I make these, taking stock photographs and using the lasso selection tool
in CS4, I have an option by right clicking on my selection and choosing
'feather' which softens the edges of the selection and makes it look less like a
simple cut out. Does anyone know how to achieve the same result with Gimp?

Of course I know I'll have a lot more questions later 

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