On 01/21/2013 07:26 PM, Greg Chapman wrote:
> Hi,
> On 21 Jan 13 23:49 RogueRanger <for...@gimpusers.com> said:
>> I have an option by right clicking on my selection and choosing
>> 'feather'...Does anyone know how to achieve the same result with
>> Gimp?
> Make your selection, right-click anywhwere on the image, choose 
> "Select" then "Feather", choose the feathering options on the dialogue
> that appears. How much easier/similar do you want? :-)

Assuming you need a consistent size for your thumbnails, here's a
workflow for that.

Part one, crop and scale the source image to the required dimensions:

Make a rectangular selection of any size in the upper left corner of
the source image.

Go to the Tool Options tab in your dock, which will display settings
for your selection area.  In the Size boxes, enter the size of your
finished image in pixels.  Then select Fixed Aspect Ratio.

Back on the image canvas, move and resize your selection until it
frames the subject properly.  Then do Image > Crop To Selection.

Next up, do Image > Scale, and enter the size your finished web
image should be.  When you set the width, the height should
automatically come out right.  (Within one pixel or so.)

Part two, the feathered edge:

Select > All

Select > Shrink (adjust radius to suit your needs)

Select > Feather (adjust radius to suit your needs)

Select > Invert (or, Ctrl+i)

Delete (or, Ctrl-x)

File > Export, and save as PNG (or, Ctrl+e and proceed from there)

This will give you a well composed image of the desired size, with a
feathered, anti-aliased edge that blends with whatever background
color the web page in question presents.



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