Thank you again, I did work that one out. But in general I don't know if it's
just me, but I am really stressing out getting anything done, it just seems so
strange to me. First up I have Aspergers so I suppose that doesn't help.

These are some things that make it hard for me. The tool menus unlike PS are not
a part of the main window and seem to be seperate windows on their own (2 of
them) that is annoying

everytime I create a new area, (layer) it opens in yet another window, as does
opening up another file. So if I'm trying to do a signature and I'm using 3 or
even four items, I have that many seperate windows open.

Also the rectangular selection tool seems to be on all the time whether I select
it or not. I've tried deleting the software and reinstalling but that doesn't

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