Hi Alexandre;

wow, that was fast, and to the point, thanks a bunch. :) Just one question 
left here:

Am Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013, 15:19:16 schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:
> Do color separation with separate+ or CMYKTool, place the output CMYK
> image into a Scribus document, add the "highlight" text to a new layer
> and use a spot color you need for color fill of that text, then export
> as PDF 1.5 intended for printing.

Yet, I already have text in my original image (and, for that matter, rendering 
this text so that it looks the way it does now was quite an effort and the main 
reason for me to use Gimp for that, in the first place). The "highlight" layer, 
so, will have to be sort of a "by-color" selection taken from the composite 
image (text and background picture). That's what so far kept me from looking 
into other alternatives as Gimp seems best at doing right this...

Thanks again and all the best,
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