On 01/23/2013 05:00 AM, Gary Aitken wrote:
Is it possible to do a rectangle select without the mouse?
For example, with the rectangle tool selected, one can fill in the fields in the
tool options to specify the coordinates and size of the rectangle,
but I can't see a way to actually commit the operation;

What operation? Until you click/drag on the image, there is no selection started, and the numbers you enter in the Tools options are meaningless. To give them a purpose you have to click first, which means using the mouse.

I don't see a "do it" button at the bottom, or an option in the tool options 
I'm looking to get a precisely sized selection to fill into an added space.
For example, when adding a strip at the top of an image,
I would like to grab the top 100 pixels,
flip it vertically to create a mirror image,
and paste it into the expanded canvas.
Am I missing something?

The value is "committed" when you switch to another tool.

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