2013/1/23 Gary Aitken <g...@dreamchaser.org>:
> On 01/23/13 02:14, Ofnuts wrote:
>> On 01/23/2013 05:00 AM, Gary Aitken wrote:
>>> Is it possible to do a rectangle select without the mouse?
>>> For example, with the rectangle tool selected, one can fill in the fields 
>>> in the
>>> tool options to specify the coordinates and size of the rectangle,
>>> but I can't see a way to actually commit the operation;
>> What operation? Until you click/drag on the image, there is no selection
>> started, and the numbers you enter in the Tools options are meaningless.
>> To give them a purpose you have to click first, which means using the mouse.
> If the values are meaningless, then why do they appear in the "Tool Options"
> for the rectangle select?  Clicking and dragging sets the values for 
> "Position"
> and "Size" in the "Tool Options".  These are not read-only entries; they may
> be set via the keyboard.  If one can set them via the keyboard, it should
> be possible to have them take effect after entering them.  They should either
> be read only, or should have a corresponding "Select" button which can be
> activated.

To complete the selection, press Enter in the image window.
Olivier Lecarme
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