On 1/25/2013 5:56 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:
Hey Olivier,

You might want to take a look at the PDF file for the sample
chapter:  In Evince, I could only see the images and page footers;
text was blank, and highlighting did not make it visible.
Converting it to ePub with Calibre brought the text back, but the
page layouts were so badly chopped up that I could not make sense of

Ironically, the only thing I found that would make the PDF readable
here, was to import it into the GIMP.  I found a script to export
the layers as images, and used Imagemagick to make them into a PDF
for convenient reading.  (Ironic?)  BTW that script rocks:


This shows up at File > Layers next to the other Export commands.

My result is readable but not good enough to distribute for
promotional purposes.  I have not read it yet but it looks promising
and I will comment later...


Just for the record, I opened the sample PDF file in my browser (chrome) and had no problems...
Not sure if that means anything, but thought I'd throw it out there :)


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