Den 26-01-2013 09:32, JLuc skrev:
Le 26/01/2013 01:56, Steve Kinney a écrit :
You might want to take a look at the PDF file for the sample
Ironically, the only thing I found that would make the PDF readable
here, was to import it into the GIMP.  I found a script to export
the layers as images, and used Imagemagick to make them into a PDF
for convenient reading.  (Ironic?)  BTW that script rocks:

"Scribus is not a PDF editor" but it can open and edit PDF files.
1.4 version is not so good at it, but its 1.5 svn version did a perfect job
on the Gimp Book.

In case you need some such tool some time...


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I have bought the eBook, and had difficulties reading it in using Okular, so I had to go the hard way, and install/use Adobe reader - it works perfect. And yes - I'm on Linux/Suse


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